Tastefully Offensive: Floor Plans of TV's Best Sitcom Apartments

Aug 24, 2012

Floor Plans of TV's Best Sitcom Apartments



Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde said...

Thank you very much but Deviantart has banned my account arguing that I´ve used registered characters and trademarks for this floorplans...
I've uploaded this an other works to a new site:
And of course, in Pinterest:

Melissa Clinton said...

Now only if I can find a blue print of the Taylor house from Home Improvement. That would be loved!

Iñaki said...

Oh, it was a beautiful house...
Do you remember if all the rooms (bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, etc) have been appeared through all the seasons ???

Damon Tolles said...

I really do love the bathroom from the show Frasier. I remember one home that i attended an open house of a property that nearly had similar bathroom designs. The realtor said that it really was what the owners had going for them and that they had to find people to do that. I'm no stranger on hiring professionals that have a great service record but the realtor said to my friend that they had someone who has a great eye for bathroom design in perth.

Justin Leo Rodriguez said...

I think you forgot to draw Penny's best wireless router ever -- located in Sheldon and Leonard's apartment! You're very artistic and imaginative to figure out the floor plans, just by watching.

Melissa Clinton said...

I think they all did. You got to see all the bedrooms, the basement, the hallway by the stairs...pretty sure it was all there. I've wanted to draw a blueprint up from the start but i'm not skilled in that area.

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