Tastefully Offensive: The First 2012 Presidential Debate Gets Songified

Oct 4, 2012

The First 2012 Presidential Debate Gets Songified

The Gregory Brothers gave last night's presidential debate the 'songify' treatment.


RunningOnEmpty said...

Love it! LOL

Dp said...

I Love it!! Good Job!!

Chung Salcedo said...

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Conspiracy Einstein said...

While I normally love their stuff (and there's no way I could do what they do), I feel this one was lacking a little. Maybe because it didn't have any hillbillies spouting off nonsense like a lot of the other videos do.

tastefullyoffensive.com said...

While I don't disagree, I am impressed with how quickly they created this video.

Conspiracy Einstein said...

Oh absolutely. Their talent amazes me.

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