Tastefully Offensive: November 2012

Nov 29, 2012

Cat and Parakeet Team Up Against a Laser Pointer


First Dog Bo Inspects the White House Holiday Decorations


Make Your Own Scooby Doo Moving Eye Camera

Mark Rober shows you how to make a bad guy peep hole portrait for just 3 bucks (and $1300 worth of Apple products).

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All the Best Things in Life


Kitten Jump Attack

Nikita the kitten demonstrates her intimidating attack skills.


Super Mario Beads

A beaded Mario goes on an epic suburban stop motion adventure.

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How 'Looper' Should Have Ended

Previously: How 'The Amazing Spider-Man' Should Have Ended

(spoilers) [hishe]

Simpler Times


New Zealand Weatherman Delivers Forecast in Elvish

Weatherman Tamati Coffey transformed himself into an elf and presented the summer forecast for New Zealand (the 'Home of Middle-earth') in J.R.R. Tolkien's elvish language of Sindarin.

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Nov 19, 2012

Growing Up


Unexpected Trust Fall Fail

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Key & Peele: Inner-City Wizard School

Previously: The School Bully

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'I Just Wanna Watch the Games'

Jessie from the NOC turns 'Hall of Fame' by The Script into a salute to NFL football fans who just want to watch the games on Thanksgiving day.

Previously: Every Fan of the NBA in 3 Minutes


Pi vs. Pie


Moustaches Don't Make You Creepy


The Legend of Digital Zelda

Link journeys through the digital world in this short film that mixes live-action and animation.


Thanksgiving Day Parade 2012

This year's Annual Thanksgiving Parade has a brand new line-up of giant balloons.


Cheap-Ass Wine Pairings

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SNL: Guy Fieri Responds to His Negative Restaurant Review

Chef Guy Fieri stopped by Weekend Update to respond to the scathing New York Times review of his new Manhattan restaurant.

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Impression Intervention

Impressionist Ross Marquand is paid a visit by several celebrity actors... and they're not happy.


The Friend Zone

Swoozie shares some tips on how to get out of the dreaded 'Friend Zone'.


The Flash Mob Experience


Nov 18, 2012

World's Biggest Pile of Leaves


Agent Hashtag

The world's deadliest secret agent has one fatal flaw... a dangerous addiction to social media.

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Teachers: Fairy Tales

Teachers is a new web series by The Katydids and Matt Miller.


Crawling Cat vs. Pug


Dogs Teaching Chemistry: The Atom

Previously: Chemical Bonds


Should You Try to Fix the Toilet? (Flowchart)


Surprised Baby Red Panda

Previously: Baby Red Panda Tries to Catch a Butterfly


SNL: The Stand Off

Three men in a tense stand off go to great lengths to not let anyone out of their sights.


SNL: Hometown Tourism Ad

This holiday season you should skip that trip to Hawaii and head back to home, where every comfort is right at your fingertips.


SNL: Governor Chris Christie Visits 'Weekend Update'

New Jersey governor Chris Christie stops by Weekend Update to update everyone on his state's progress since Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc.


SNL: The Avengers

When The Avengers face an alien invasion, Hawkeye runs into an equipment problem which slows everyone down.




Nov 16, 2012

Mirren, Mirren on the Wall

Jimmy Fallon asks the fair Helen Mirren some life's most important questions.


Gotham High (Batman Parody)

Gotham High tells the story of what high school was like for your favorite super heroes and super villains of Gotham City.


Vice President Joe Biden's Cameo on 'Parks & Recreation'

Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) finally got to meet the man of her dreams.




3-Year-Old Tries an Atomic Warhead Candy

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Dumb Ways to Die

Melbourne Metro produced a dark-yet-adorable animated jingle to help promote railway safety.

[Melbourne Metro]

How the Star Wars Deal Went Down


Conan O'Brien Visits the Dublin Guinness Brewery

Previously: Conan Visits Chicago's Irish American Heritage Center


Honest Movie Trailers: Twilight 3: Eclipse

Previously: Twilight 2: New Moon