Tastefully Offensive: How Predictable Are You?

Nov 15, 2012

How Predictable Are You?

Psychologist Richard Wiseman uses a simple test to predict how predictable you are.

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Tristan said...

It's not that you're actually predictable. It's that, given the number of moves he gives you, it is impossible to end up on the spaces he takes off at their given times.

tastefullyoffensive.com said...


IhasAbucket said...

Actually, I was on the house when he took it away. Guess I'm not suggestible at all.

Neenee said...

I was dead center, what does that mean?

LL09 said...

my arrows got taken away :\

Math said...

Figured right when it started. I knew exactly where I wanted to be, but considering the unpredictable number of moves, it wouldn't let me.

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