Tastefully Offensive: The Future of Star Wars Mashup

Dec 7, 2012

The Future of Star Wars Mashup

Mashup genius Patrick Peris seamlessly brings together the Star Wars and Disney Universes.

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godlessBryson said...

Not SpiderMan! That's a Sony thing, not part of the Disney deal with Marvel.

Travis said...

You do realize that Disney owns Marvel, right? The reason that Disney can't do a live action Spider-man isn't because they don't own the character, it's because the Sony deal was in place with Marvel before Disney bought Marvel. Disney purchasing Marvel didn't void Sony's Spider-man movie rights, just as it didn't void Fox's deal for the X-Men or Fantastic Four movie rights.

godlessBryson said...

Having been a Marvel stockholder for 20 years and up to the Disney buy-out, I'm well aware of their situation. That said, he used Sony footage in his Disney montage.

Both franchises remain with the companies that licensed them as long as they make new ones within a specified period to time.

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