Tastefully Offensive: 2012-09-09

Sep 14, 2012

Cat Waits for Mailman Every Day

Every day around noon, Baron the cat waits for the mailman to deliver new 'toys'.
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Krispy Kreme - Denzel Washington (Rap Video)

Krispy Kreme's rap tribute to the best actor ever.
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Lazy Dog Refuses to Let Streetcar Pass

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The Wines of Paso Robles

Presented by the most interesting wine man in the world.

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Black Bear Cubs Playing on Backyard Rope Swings

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Meet the World's Tallest Dog

Zues the 3'8 Great Dane, is the current Guinness World Record holder of 'World's Tallest Dog'.
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Steven Ho Teaches Conan Defense Against Guns and Knives

Part 2


It's Not Your Fault


Sep 13, 2012

Dancing Drunk Guy Attempts to Board a Yacht

Don't drink and boat.
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Deadpool vs. Gangnam Style

Deadpool does PSY's 'Gangnam Style'.
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Fred Armisen as Penny Marshall

Fred Armisen in drag as Penny Marshall to promote her new book, My Mother Was Nuts.
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Lost Dog


Cat Sings Collective Soul's 'Shine'

A cute cat sings along to Collective Soul's 'Shine'.

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Puppy vs. Watermelon

An 11-week-old Shiba Inu puppy battles with an evil watermelon.
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David Ward's Commercial Reel

David Ward, a freelance filmmaker/writer/comedian, put together a compilation of his best commercials.



Hungry Birds

The Internet's best clips of birds stealing food.

Jimmy Kimmel's iPhone 5 Prank

Random people on the street were asked to compare the new iPhone 5 with previous versions, but were given an iPhone 4s instead.

Kitten Plays with a Patient Bunny

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Sep 12, 2012

Erudite Squirrels


Black Simon and Garfunkel Sing One Direction

Jimmy Fallon welcomes Black Simon and Garfunkel on the show to perform One Direction's 'What Makes You Beautiful'.

Seagull Steals GoPro Camera and Flies Away

A sneaky seagull snatched up a tourist's camera while it was being used to film a sunset at San Francisco's Chrissy Field.
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Kitten Plays with Big Dog's Ear

Cierra makes a perfect bed and toy combo for Kibo the kitten.
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Mom's Computer


Conan's Wife Audition Tapes

Conan O'Brien was wife-auditioning long before Scientology did it for Tom Cruise.

Scared Russian Bungee Jumper

Skip to 1:45 for a priceless scaredy face.
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Bunny Loves Balloon

A tragic love story between a bunny and a balloon.
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Sports Cheat Sheet


Epic Rap Battle of Manliness

Rhett and Link lyrically battle to determine who is the more manly man.

Your Facebook is False

Rainn Wilson debunks your inspirational Facebook quotes.

Rapping Steve Jobs Hologram Announces the iPhone 5

An animated version of how today's iPhone 5 announcement will hopefully go down.
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New Tablet Computer


The Screaming Sheep Has Company

Conan found a few other animals that sound like humans.
[screaming sheep video] [teamcoco]

Dogs in Boots Compilation

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Sep 11, 2012

Kitten Attacks Her Own Reflection with Her Butt

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Good Ideas, Bad Ideas


Tom Hanks Cracks Up at Michael Clarke Duncan's Memorial

An emotional Tom Hanks shared a funny story about Michael Clarke Duncan during yesterday's memorial service. Hanks worked with Duncan on the film The Green Mile.
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Ninja Comedy Theater: The Jacket

NANSA, a four-man acrobaticalist ninja theater troupe, performing at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, Oregon.
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'I Don't Like' - President Obama DNC Speech Rap Parody

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Time Well Spent


The Hunger Games for Math Nerds

Josh Sundquist uses charts and graphs to express his thoughts on The Hunger Games.

Lower Manhattan Street Names Turned Into Music

To honor Lower Manhattan on 9/11, a group of musicians turned its famous streets into music. Here is a map of the streets they visited.

Ninja Baby Orangutan Attacks Human

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Sep 10, 2012

Britney Spears Learns 'Gangnam Style' Dance from PSY on Ellen

Korean pop star and YouTube sensation PSY taught Britney and Ellen how to do his signature horse dance.

Secrete Weapon


Sitting Cat Relaxes on Railing and Contemplates Life

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Idaho Weatherman Makes Weather Forecast Rap Videos

Nick 'The Rapping Weatherman' Kosir uses four iPhones and an iPad to the deliver the weather forecast for Twin Falls, Idaho.
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Malaysian Monkey Enjoys a Soda He Stole from Tourists

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5 Leaked Features of the iPhone 5


Grumpy Bulldog Puppy

Porter, the three-month-old English Bulldog puppy, throws an adorable temper tantrum over having to be on a leash.

Improv Everywhere: Black Tie Beach 2012

Hundreds of participents showed up at Coney Island and Brighton Beach in formal wear for the third annual Black Tie Beach Party.

Sep 9, 2012



Barkley's New Boots

Barkley the Shiba Inu performs a beautifully choreographed interpretive dance while breaking in his new winter boots.

Guy Builds a Giant Tower Maze for His Cat

BRB, hugging my cat.

Glove and Boots: The Pee-wee Herman Blog

Previously: The History of SPAM

The Commanding Heights - Part 2

[Part 1] [abstrusegoose]

NYC Blanket Hunt

Luke and Brandon see how willing New Yorkers are to share their park blankets.

Dancing Kitten Chorus Line


Absentee Parent Cooking Show

Care about your meals, even if your parents don't care about you.

Anatomy of an Avocado