Tastefully Offensive: Bun Bun the Kitten Barks Like a Puppy

Nov 13, 2013

Bun Bun the Kitten Barks Like a Puppy

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Tegan said...

Its trying to appear large and scary like cats do with defending themselfs. And completly failing because its such a young animal and has a lack of coordination.

Dustin said...

Look up Cerebellar Hypoplasia

Genevieve said...

My cat does it all the time! I call it "Hallowe'en Cat" because she looks like the silhouette of a hissing cat used as a Hallowe'en decoration. She scoots around sideways and puffs out her tail just like this one. It's pretty funny!

susan walkowiak said...

I want him!!!!

Crystal said...

For a minute there I thought the calico in the back was the cat i rescued last year! They look almost identical!

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