Tastefully Offensive: Twerking Stormtroopers

Jan 19, 2014

Twerking Stormtroopers

Darth Vader catches some his Stormtroopers secretly twerking to 'Beat Calls' by Scott & Brendo.



Keep Wild Animals Wild said...

He keeps showing up because you're giving him food. KEEP WILD ANIMALS WILD! They will become too dependent on humans and forget how to survive on their own.

Jelli said...

Yeah, those are cats. Neither is a kitten. They're probably siblings, which makes sense. Who among us hasn't wanted to shove their sibling down some stairs?

Mark Stuber said...


Jørgen Oktober Storm Nestande said...

I don't give a shit, that crash sound cracks me up so bad everytime.

Starburned said...

We can't exactly keep wild animals from interacting with people... We take up a lot of their space. We share land and food supplies. Feeding wild animals isn't going to make them forget how to survive. You just need to:
a) be smart about what you feed them (i.e. not bologna)
b) understand that this may bring more animals around
c) not bring them inside and try to make pets of them
d) understand that even prey animals can be quite aggressive
Snowy egrets, like most egrets, are very social animals (and of course, like getting food). You CAN interact with wild animals in a non-harmful and even positive way (set up little shelters in the winter, get a safe bird feeder), just be very very very mindful. For your safety and theirs.

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