Tastefully Offensive: Australian 'Today Show' Slip-Up Causes Host to Lose It

May 8, 2014

Australian 'Today Show' Slip-Up Causes Host to Lose It



Melody Ybona Gawliu said...

dude...this is crazy hahaha. i love all these Frozen parodies.

Melody Ybona Gawliu said...

awwwww. so funny. i'm glad the lady said they shouldn't help them because that's how they get stronger and learn stuffs. That's why momma duck wasn't helping them. hahaha

Kurt said...

The one thing I have observed with ducks momma usually only concerns herself with those that keep up. Especially when they are out on the water and fish and turtles are grabbing them. One thing that will show you how mean they can be is to watch a momma duck defend her ducklings from death by another momma. Female ducks will kill other babies.

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