Tastefully Offensive: Cat Desperately Tries to Swat Bird on Laptop Screen

Jun 6, 2014

Cat Desperately Tries to Swat Bird on Laptop Screen

[izabela v]


KBH said...

umm..... cats dont blink when they are fixated on something. i should know..... i have two of them. hes just distracting them with a toy and therefore making them bob there head to the beat

poopybuttmcgee said...

wow you are seriously the best internet detective the world has ever experienced. do you work for the FBI? CIA? NSA?

Leopoldo Aranha said...

Brazilian Word Cup will not be a party. People are not happy with public spent on stadiums instead of education and health care, they know no one will benefit from the event except businessmen and politicians, and, of course, FIFA, the government has passed a law to allow the freaking ARMY to repress manifestations during the event (and our president was a leftist rebel who fought the army's dictatorship during the 70's... hypocrisy?)... lots of things can go wrong in many ways.

Leopoldo Aranha said...

They're not dancing, they're saying 'no' with their heads, meaning "turn it of, turn it of!", following the music tempo just to show how superior they are.

Heather said...

I thought this comment was a joke at first. Lol :) Sarcastically "seems fake-high quality toy cats" Wait.. huh? Every single move was natural, at least to me.

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