Tastefully Offensive: Airline Employs Dog to Help Return Lost Items to Passengers at Amsterdam Airport

Sep 24, 2014

Airline Employs Dog to Help Return Lost Items to Passengers at Amsterdam Airport

Dutch airline KLM "hired" Sherlock the beagle to help hunt down passengers and reunite them with possessions they left behind on planes.



Troll said...

Dear lord loosen the bone Wilma, it's all fun and games. The child will grow up fine.

Gina said...

Relax! For the love of pete...If a kid can't learn to give and take with her parents then who will they learn it with....Jeeze the safe place to learn social skills is in the home. Dang some people hold on to the reins so tight that when the kids are out of their sights that's when all hell breaks loose. I really love control freaks....have a couple of more kids and then come talk to me. I feel sorry for your kids.

50ftqueenie said...

Yes, the parent saying sorry to the child is such a huge problem. Because adults should never apologize to children. That might make them think they deserve to be treated with respect, and we can't have that.

This is obviously a very smart, vocal and strong-willed little girl. Her parents quashing those qualities would be a disservice.

50ftqueenie said...

Have you actually met any 2 year olds before? They all express themselves physically. There's nothing to be concerned about in this video. I am amazed at how many people are seeing fit to pass grand pronouncements about this child's future based on a video that's less than 2 minutes long. Unbelievable!

ayla said...

Loved this she is adorable and it was very funny and cute, chill out uptight parents , I hope Ellen Degeneres sees this and has her on the show!!

sparkie said...

its an irish thing.My mom always said behave or the man was coming..Never effected me.This is adorable.A family laughing is a good thing

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