Tastefully Offensive: Baby Gets His Mind Blown By Twins

Dec 10, 2014

Baby Gets His Mind Blown By Twins

Baby Landon gets adorably confused when he meets twins for the first time.



Paul said...

FYI, I believe this is actually from Lowell, MI. Not MA.

tastefullyoffensive.com said...

Oops. You are correct, Paul. Thanks for the heads up.

Judy said...

this is absolutely awesome, the dad with the xbox said his weren't going to get one, (perhaps couldn't afford it?) I am sure that just made his day. It would so great if this was done more often,

gamophyte said...

I teared up. Then saw 3 comments, and was like oh noo here we go. Happy to see them all positive.

tacos4all said...

At first I was like "tax dollars! yada yada! Ba humbug!"
Then I was like "Oh yeah, its a donation tax write-off for the city really only hitting citizens for a small percentage of the total cost."

Scott Choka said...

Very Cool!

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