Tastefully Offensive: How to Make the Cuba Libre Cocktail from 'Cocktail'

Mar 5, 2018

How to Make the Cuba Libre Cocktail from 'Cocktail'

In the latest episode of cocktail enthusiast Nick Fisher's "Recreated" series, Nick demonstrates how to make a movie accurate version and an improved version of the Cuba Libre (Rum and Coke) cocktail that tripped up on Tom Cruise in the classic 1988 comedy-drama film, Cocktail.
"The movie "Cocktail" from 1988 showed what happens when you put Tom Cruise's manic energy behind the bar of a TGI Fridays. Before he mastered his sick flare bartending moves, he got stumped by the Cuba Libre. Let's learn the original recipe and then a next-level rum & cola."
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