Tastefully Offensive: Blow Out Sale

Apr 11, 2012

Blow Out Sale

A short film starring Community's Danny Pudi.


Dortha Milner said...

says the couple had a “furious fight sparked by Angie’s admission that she cheated on him years ago.”

TEMP said...

what is the meaning of this piece? I am just like endlessly confused by that you had enough money to make this happen. WHY!? why did you do this? Why did you bother to make this piece? What are you saying, that capitalism is war? ORLY!? omg i didn't never realize that! I thought when they killed all the native people on this continent that it was just incidental. no but really, I am sorry to be a critic I respect that that is not a useful or meaningful role in this world, but what... like... why have you made this? Like, what are you trying to say?

Youisfag said...

You are a faggot. That's why.

Flutterby said...

 I think the purpose was to be light-hearted and quirky; you didn't get that, so now it seems that you're searching for a purpose.  And the whole "capitalism is war" thing - seriously?  You're stretching too far.  In fact, go have an imaginary gun fight with a friend and come back when you've lightened up.

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