Tastefully Offensive: Christmas Prank Ideas

Dec 4, 2012

Christmas Prank Ideas



Conspiracy Einstein said...

I'm glad Luke is doing his own stuff still. Hate that Joe left, but I can understand why.

tastefullyoffensive.com said...

I would much rather Joe do more of this type of stuff.

Conspiracy Einstein said...

I agree. Their old videos (I sound like a hipster) are amazing. The Mother's Day video still makes me laugh.

Luke said...

I have been out of the youtube celebrity loop for too long, what happened between them?

Conspiracy Einstein said...

Joe went on to work with the Philip DeFranco Nation as a vlogger / reporter on Sourcefed. I imagine he's got a steady income just from that now instead of having a job and doing B&B stuff on the side in free time.

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