Tastefully Offensive: How German Sounds Compared to Other Languages

Jul 19, 2013

How German Sounds Compared to Other Languages



SvenWayne said...

This is sooooo Fake, Nobody Talks like this in Germany!

monkeysworth said...

lol Germans have no sense of humor as well.. :)

SadPanda said...

But he is right, it is fake, germans definitely roll the R way more than he does.
The rest was quiet authentic :D

Guest4 said...

Yup, that's how it is. We Germans sit around in our Lederhosen, yell at each other and drink beer while we're being unfunny, And God forbid anyone turns up 2 seconds late to a meeting..
Seriously, though: While the video is exaggerated, I can understand German sounding really harsh to the ears of non-German-speakers. But I'm sure we also have awesome sounding words in our language.

Jeff said...

It's all in fun. How many people in the world revel in exaggerating the
stereotypes of Americans in order to make themselves appear superior?
Germany is a beautiful country with many awesome customs.

emi said...

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