Tastefully Offensive: How to Fake Piano Skills

Jul 30, 2013

How to Fake Piano Skills

Sam Tucker teaches you how to fool people into believing you know how to play the piano.



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Leopoldo Aranha said...

Lol... Can he teach us how to play a bagpipe without knowing hoe to play a bagpipe?

Adam said...

This guide is totally fantastic, I honestly never thought it was possible to do something like this...I actually think that if you were with someone that never played piano you could convince them that you were doing improv or something. Too bad for you if they ask you to play a different song however!

When I was younger, I had a keyboard that would actually play music on its own. If you met someone who didn't know how it worked, you could move your fingers on the keys and if you were convincing, they wouldn't even know that you weren't playing! The funniest part was when I tricked my parents and they thought I was a modern day Mozart!

Really entertained by this, keep it up!

Adam M

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