Tastefully Offensive: 107 Regional Slang Words

Sep 4, 2013

107 Regional Slang Words

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Paul Gilhool said...

What's the craic? generally not used in England. In Ireland Craic is a good time.

Cannuck said...

A few of the Canadian ones are inaccurate. For instance, a Timbit is a specific product sold by our largest doughnut chain. It hasn't reached "kleenex" proportions, and anywhere else it would still be called a doughnut-hole

A Different Cannuck said...

Its pretty damn close. On numerous occasions I've called doughnut holes timbits and heard them referred to as such, even the noname boxes of them.

Crystal said...

very cool!

(I think these are regionalisms - not slang words.)

gamophyte said...

like jello

Aussie abroad said...

A "loo" in Australia is often referred to as the "dunny", and instead of using "loo paper", toilet paper can be referred to hilariously as "poo tickets"...Just my two cents worth there mate! (really enjoy your stuff by the way)

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