Tastefully Offensive: Celebrities Read Mean Tweets About Themselves #6

Feb 7, 2014

Celebrities Read Mean Tweets About Themselves #6

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(PG-13) [jimmykimmellive]


Donna McBride said...

So nice

rls said...

This is great! Totally true, as well. My Mom says, "How can you listen to that? It's not even music." I remind her of her 1st two loves... Elvis and The Beatles. She says that's different, of course. I bet my grandparents had this same convo with her, from the other side. Ah, the ebb and flow of parental relations will carry on forever. :)

Danny Brown said...

Perfect, :)

The Ilmatic said...


Kim Jong Un 's Facebook Look Back

Pbmax53 said...

Facebook is a great tool. It helps people find old lost loves, friends, and possibly some new ones. Some people complain about the so called Privacy Issues. It's all up to you. You post what you want to be seen, what info is seen, put in by your little fingers. There are all kinds of tools so you can use it for what it's intended. Take the time to go back thru your setting and you decide what gets out there, who sees, take the time, it's ultimately up to you. Keep on Booking.

Jake said...

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