Tastefully Offensive: Guy Does 52 Animal Impressions Using Household Objects

Feb 3, 2014

Guy Does 52 Animal Impressions Using Household Objects

As a way of saying 'thanks' to 52 people for helping him win an online competition, Keir Moffatt decided to impersonate 52 different animals using objects from around his house.



Scarlett said...

It is appalling that Doritos would even simulate a child riding a dog like a horse. While it is quite obviously edited together, you are encouraging your prime demographic, ie children who do not know any better, to try something that could potentially be extremely harmful to the dog or child, or even both.

George said...

I found it way more appalling the way the older kid responded to his mom's request for help unloading the groceries. What parent would led their kid get away with such a disrespectful smart-alecky response?

walle said...

Thank God, there is someone else too who thinks this ad is awful!

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