Tastefully Offensive: Students Hire Mariachi Band to Follow Their Principal Around

Jun 4, 2014

Students Hire Mariachi Band to Follow Their Principal Around

As a senior prank, graduating students from Santa Barbara High School hired a Mariachi band to follow the school's principal around all day.

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NoPantsMcLane said...

Did all these people seriously think that raggedy old bridge was gonna hold that much weight? If so then they got what they deserved.

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firebladeboy1993 said...

Yyyyyeah.....you'll buy another. Might take a while but you will :-)

Leopoldo Aranha said...

This is a kind of fetishism and it's kinda natural to do it sometimes. Of course, corporations take advantage of it and you might catch yourself buying sh**ty things because of very efficient marketing techniques.

Lex said...

That's what you get for having thirty people in your wedding party

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