Tastefully Offensive: Drive-By Compliments

Jul 10, 2014

Drive-By Compliments

Comedian/prankster Blake Grigsby uses a megaphone to say nice things to strangers while driving around in a car.

[blake grigsby]


Conspiracy Einstein said...

I think that I would think that they were trying to make fun of me.

Conspiracy Einstein said...

Shot a training demo with this guy last week. He's one of the funniest guys I've met in a long time.

Conspiracy Einstein said...

Seventeen. Minutes.

I had forgotten how terrible that movie was. I remembered that it was bad, but ... wow.

Conspiracy Einstein said...

She's adorable.

Lisa said...

Awww, I was just going to say I think it's sad that some of them are probably thinking he is making fun of them. :( Having said that, I think you're great (and I'm 100% serious :) ).

Nicoley90 said...

I have been doing this for years without a megaphone!

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