Tastefully Offensive: Happy Bouncy Baby Lambs

Jul 19, 2014

Happy Bouncy Baby Lambs

Filmed at the Meridian Jacobs Sheep Farm in Vacaville, California.

[meridianjacobs/via dpf]


Leopoldo Aranha said...

Weird Al is awesome! I heard that some reporter once asked him when he would let parodies aside and start to make real music and he replied: "Real music? No, I'm gonna let it to Britney Spears."

Also, I recommend: http://globalvoicesonline.org/2011/04/19/brazil-satire-of-middle-class-problems/

Leopoldo Aranha said...

2:07 "waaaaaaaaat? owmygawd!" huaehuaehuaehuaeuhhae this made my day, I wish giffs had sound!!

Leopoldo Aranha said...

This is what I call an ingenious advertising campaing. Of course, at the end of the day, what they want is to sell more, but there's meaning on that, instead of just a bunch of good-looking people or some funny cartoon.

Pontiaku said...

"We don't have permission to stream this video in your location. Please choose another video from our massive library!"
Ooooh, I get it. First world problems.

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