Tastefully Offensive: German Kid Performs Impressive Coin Tricks

Oct 15, 2014

German Kid Performs Impressive Coin Tricks

Moritz Mueller is a German kid with quite a few tricks up his sleeve. In an illusion he's named "Mo-Fly" Moritz displays an impressive sleight of hand as he makes silver coins magically appear and disappear right in front of your eyes. He's already got a pretty slick stage name and a striking accent, so if the whole living in Germany thing doesn't work out Moritz could make a killing in Vegas.

[moritz mueller/via shadowxwarrior]

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Leopoldo Aranha said...

1. Scared the hell out of some asian chick? Check.
2. Made people run? Check.
3. Almost started a fight? Check.
4. A bunch of childhood ruined? Double check.

Yap. A good ol' prank by the numbers!

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