Tastefully Offensive: Friendly Seal Cuddles With Dog at French Beach

Jan 17, 2015

Friendly Seal Cuddles With Dog at French Beach

This cute wild seal (who's been given the name "You" by locals) scoots over to a golden lab and adorably cuddles up to him at a beach in Cap Ferret, France.

[maxime deloecker]


FD said...

TWO THIRDS of ALL POLICE OFFICERS are not "some bad cops." And the fact that you're credulous and easily distracted doesn't make my opinion any less valid. The fact that you're trying to silence any negative comments about the police, in any venue, no matter how small and insignificant, speaks volumes about the type of person you are.

Tina from Sweden said...

I'm in love - still smiling.

mark said...

FD you "think" you know something...well I'm here to tell ya think again.

FD said...

No, actually, I'm quoting this new thing the kids like to call a 'study'. It's based on this thing called 'research' and 'objective facts.'

I realize this must be a lot of new stuff for a moron like yourself, so please, go back to glorifying this police officer and stop trying to tell everyone in the world that we all have to excuse a band of cold blooded murderers with no accountability just because you liked a youtube video.

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