Tastefully Offensive: Lazy Cat Uses Paw to Drink Water While Laying Down

Jan 31, 2015

Lazy Cat Uses Paw to Drink Water While Laying Down

This lazy but smart cat has life all figured out.



Leopoldo Aranha said...

His jokes are so old they could be subjects of geriatrics research on longevity. Here's a 'good' (depending on your concept over good and bad jokes) one: What noise does a subatomic cow do?




V said...

He's a 12 year old. Can the enjoy a joke with you judging him for it?

And a cow doesn't "do" a sound. It makes one.

Leopoldo Aranha said...

I'm completely in favour of the "Freedom of Jokes" act, that states everyone has the right to enjoy jokes free of judgement provided that the joke is harmless. What I pointed is that a famous TV show is working with a script filled with old jokes.

And leave my subatomic cow alone. Once you have your own subatomic cow you make rules about the proper grammatical way to describe it's action of emitting sounds.

a ghost said...

i can't believe these are the only comments on here

Leopoldo Aranha said...

What did you expected? The Spanish Inquisition?

Brian Hamilton said...

i bet they'd have better jokes

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