Dear Kitten: An Adult Cat Explains Dogs and Mirrors to His Kitten Housemate (Funny Friskies Ads by Ze Frank)

New Puppy

A strange new “thing” has appeared in the home of Cat and Kitten. Cat, who is wise beyond his years and has experience with these sorts of things, explains to young Kitten everything he should come expect from their new less-than-genius companion.

Peanut the Dog

In this tale of Cat and Kitten, Cat reminisces about his dear old friend, Peanut (RIP), and all of the fond memories they shared together. He also teaches Kitten the values of a good pun.


Cat and Kitten explore a perplexing window in the house, where a set of mysterious copy-cats appear to reside. These strange repli-cats are a bewildering mystery, and cause Cat to ponder the deeper complexities of life.

Watch the original: Dear Kitten: Words of Wisdom From an Adult Cat