The New York Times Sends Six Kids to Dine at One of New York City’s Fanciest Restaurants

Six second graders from P.S. 295 in Brooklyn got treated to the field trip of a lifetime last month – one that any parent would jump on the chance to chaperone. The New York Times Magazine gave the kids the opportunity to feast on a seven-course tasting menu at Daniel for their fall Food issue. The tasting menu at the acclaimed restaurant normally goes for $220 a pop, and includes everything from caviar to lobster to wagyu beef. The head chef said he was hoping the kids would discover a lot of flavor, layers and textures. The kids were not entirely impressed; one girl yelled, “This tastes like soap! Why am I eating soap right now?”  And when the chef asked about the pasta, the kids answered with a unified “Eh…” to which he replied “Next time we’ll do macaroni and cheese” – which was met with a resounding round of cheers from the second graders.


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