A Supercut of Cheesy Computer Hacking Scenes in 90s Movies

FoundItemClothing follows up their 80s hacking supercut with a even cheesier 90s version.

“The 90s were full of optimism and anxiety about the boundless possibilities of virtual reality and artificial intelligence. Movies sprinted to make the most of the potential wonders and horrors of cyberspace. Continuing where our 80s supercut left off, this supercut brings you the best of 90s computing in all its grandiose and cringeworthy glory. Jack in and enjoy!”

Movies List: Jurassic Park, Under Siege 2, Universal Soldier: The Return, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Nirvana, Johnny Mnemonic, Sneakers, The Lawnmower Man, The, Matrix, Masterminds, Independence Day, The Thirteenth Floor, Virtuosity and (of course) Hackers.

(PG-13 language) [sent by founditemclothing]