Alec Baldwin’s Love Ride: Episode 1 – ‘Corey & Francesca’

This is the premiere episode of Alec Baldwin’s Love Ride, a new web series produced by Above Average where actor Alec Baldwin rides around in the back of an NYC cab and offers relationship advice to unsuspecting couples.

In “Alec Baldwin’s Love Ride,” internationally recognized relationship expert Alec Baldwin rides in the back of an NYC cab–picking up unsuspecting couples, speaking with them and learning their stories, and humorously providing them with relationship advice.

Alec Baldwin’s famous and funny friends also join him in the action, following the star and his Love Ride cab closely behind in a van, feeding him additional lines and bits of advice through an earpiece.

Here’s episode 2 featuring couple Toby & Brian

New episodes will be released every week for the next several weeks.

(PG-13 language) [sent by aboveaverage]