Little Girl Reacts Adorably to Getting a Kitten for Her Birthday

Watch the joy on six-year-old Brooklyn’s face when she receives a Persian kitten for her birthday.

After loosing two beloved senior cats, Brooklyn begged for a kitten for her birthday. Her parents told her no. However, her mom works in a veterinary hospital and attended an emergency C section on a Persian cat. She had six kittens but over the course of a week all but two had passed away. Of the two kittens left, one was healthy and would be sold by the breeder. The other, was a little boy with a weak heart and his future was questionable. It just so happened that Brooklyns’ mom knew the best possible home for this little special needs kitty. On Brooklyns’ sixth birthday, the kitten was 8-weeks-old and ready to meet his new mother.

Update: It appears that Brooklyns’ love and care has sealed the hole in his heart and he is a healthy young boy.