Baby Pygmy Goats Make Friends with Cat

Lady Bug and Princess Leia, the week-old baby pygmy goats, get acquainted with Moo the barn cat at the Sunflower Farm Creamery in Cumberland, Maine.

“The new goat kids are a week old and more hoppy than ever! Moo is the best barn cat and walks the perimeter of the fence all day long. When she walks past her goat friends, she rubs her tail under their chin. When a goat is about to deliver, she knows and sits with them in the stall. She is not quite sure about the very bouncy new kids yet, but knows it is her job to watch out for them when they are out. Maybe since they are the last two kids to be born we are soaking up every second of cuteness even more than normal!”

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[Sunflower Farm Creamery]