Bluegrass Cover of Classic ‘Star Wars’ Theme Songs

Winnipeg, Canada-based musician Steve Onotera, aka “Samurai Guitarist” performs twangy bluegrass renditions of four of John Williams’ iconic theme songs (“Star Wars Main Theme”, “Force Theme”, “Throne Room,” and “Imperial Death March”) from the Star Wars film franchise.

“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…in an alternate reality, a young Billy Luke Skywalker has befriended Ol’ Ben Ken Bobby. After receiving a distressing message from the beautiful debutante, Charleia, the two set off to Mos Eislenburg, Kentucky. Here they run into the local moonshine trafficker and overall scumbag, Hank Solo Jr., in a seedy local bar. Solo offers the two a ride past the county line in his beat up Ford Falcon as long as they don’t mind riding with his dog, Chewingtobacca. The adventure of a lifetime is on the horizon for this unlikely entourage, and I like to imagine this would be the soundtrack.”

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[Samurai Guitarist]