Baby Hippo Braves the Deeper End of Her Swimming Pool

Fiona, the adorable ten-week-old baby hippopotamus from the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden in Ohio, bravely explores and practices her swimming technique in the deeper ends of the zoo’s indoor hippo swimming pool. Watch an earlier clip of Fiona practicing swimming, below.

“Fiona is spending more time in the indoor adult pool and getting comfortable with deeper water. She porpoises, pushing off the bottom like a torpedo, up and down across the length of both pools and attempts water acrobatics. She has also figured out that she can keep her nostrils above water if she stands on her back legs, so you can see her walking upright at times. The water is about 4 ft deep now. Ultimately, she’ll navigate 7-ft-deep water in the indoor pools before trying the outdoor pool, which is 8-9 ft deep.”

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