Chef Attempts to Recreate McDonald’s Szechuan Dipping Sauce from ‘Rick and Morty’

In the latest episode of “Binging with Babish,” a cooking series where home chef Andrew Rea recreates iconic dishes from films and TV shows, Andrew tries his best to recreate McDonald’s long-discontinued Mulan Szechuan dipping sauce that’s been causing a stir on the Internet since Rick mentioned the sauce (watch the clip below) in Saturday’s season three premiere of Adult Swim’s animated comedy series, Rick and Morty.

“I was 9 when Szechuan sauce graced sauce pumps across the nation, so naturally, I can’t remember at all what it tastes like. But with the help of some actual Szechuan sauce (like, the stuff from Sichuan), a Redditor’s diligent recreation, a fast-food-secret: mixing things together in different ways and repackaging it, we might just come close!”

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