Coyote Peterson Gets Intentionally Stung by the Highly Venomous Spikes of a Lionfish

In the latest episode of his “Beyond the Tide” nature series, Florida, animal expert and adventurer Coyote Peterson follows up getting intentionally stung by bullet ant (the world’s most painful insect sting) by travelling to the coast of Islamorada, Florida to experience the extremely painful prick of a lionfish‘s venomous fin ray.

“The Lionfish has quickly become one the most destructive invasive species to marine life on the East Coast of the United States and if that’s not enough they also have an extremely painful venom they often violently spike into unsuspecting divers and fisherman. Yikes!

So how painful is the Lionfish sting and what happens if you are unfortunately stung yourself? Well Coyote Peterson is once again putting himself in the “sting zone” to find out and educate people about this beautiful yet venomous little creature. “

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