Chef Recreates Homer Simpson’s Patented Space Age Out-Of-This-World Moon Waffles from ‘The Simpsons’

In the latest episode of “Binging with Babish,” a cooking series where home chef Andrew Rea recreates memorable dishes from films and TV shows, Andrew prepares his take on Homer Simpson’s infamous moon waffles from the third episode of season four of Matt Groening’s long-running animated comedy series, The Simpsons.

“Homer Simpson revels in combining food and drink with wild abandon: every liquor in the house set aflame with cough syrup, skittles floating in beer, tomatoes cross-bred with tobacco. Few, however, are as heartbreakingly realistic as the H.S.P.S.A.O.O.T.W.M.W. Strip down to your undies, strap on an apron, and let’s clog some arteries.”

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