Cops Get Called Because of Complaints Over Giant Slip n’ Slide, Officers Decide to Join in on the Fun Instead

Katlen Joyce Smith from Asheville, North Carolina filmed this amusing video of Officer Joe Jones getting his butt wet while taking a ride down a giant block party slip n’ slide. Officer Jones and his partner responded to the slip n’ slide after receiving complaints from a few neighbors, but after assessing the safety of the situation and addressing the neighbor’s concerns, they found there was no wrongdoing and decided to join in on the fun. Watch another slip n’ slide ride below, and read the full story on the Fox 46 Charlotte website.

“We have 20 plus kids in the four blocks. So this year the dads built a slip and slide in the street for the kids (and adults). This year, someone called the police at 11:30 a.m. and said we were blocking the road.”