How to Make Taco Town’s 15-Flavor Taco Monstrosity From ‘Saturday Night Live’

In this special episode of “Binging with Babish,” a cooking series where home chef Andrew Rea recreates famous foods and drinks from films and TV shows, Andrew celebrates reaching one million YouTube subscribers by giving a behind-the-scenes look at how he makes the series, then demonstrates how to make the “Pizza Crepe Taco Pancake Chili Bag” from Saturday Night Live‘s classic 2005 Taco Town commercial parody from season 31. Watch the original parody below.

“Thank you everyone for helping me reach 1 million subscribers! Take a sordid peek behind the curtains of BwB and see how I make the show each week. Then, join me as I endeavor to stack as many Mexican, French, Italian, and American layers into one beer-battered monstrosity known as the Pizza Crepe Taco Pancake Chili Bag.”

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