How to Make Puerco Pibil From ‘Once Upon a Time in Mexico’

In the latest episode of “Binging with Babish,” a cooking series where home chef Andrew Rea recreates famous foods and drinks from films, TV shows, and video games, Andrew prepares his take on puerco pibil, a traditional Mexican slow-roasted pork dish, from Robert Rodriguez’s 2003 action film, Once Upon a Time in Mexico.

Once Upon a Time in Mexico, against all odds, played a large role in the creation of “Binging with Babish” – my first-ever DVD, its special features showed me that I could one day be a filmmaker *and* a chef. In this 2003 Banderas action-comedy, Johnny Depp inexplicably caps a cook for making this Yucatánian special a bit too perfectly; as director Robert Rodriguez says, make at your own peril.”

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