The History of Rochester’s Garbage Plate

Great Big Story chats with Alex Tahou, the owner of Nick Tahou Hots restaurant in Rochester, New York, about his father and grandfather’s “Garbage Plate” creation, a calorie-packed monstrosity that has helped cure thousands of hangovers.

“It might look like, well, garbage, but there’s an art to Rochester’s infamous garbage plate. It starts off with sides—an impossible choice of french fries, home fries, macaroni salad or beans. Next comes the meat, hotdogs, hamburgers or cheeseburgers. And finally, the whole shebang is topped off with mustard, onions, ketchup and hot sauce. If you’ve got the guts for it, no one does it better than Nick Tahou Hots. They’ve been perfecting the marvelous mess for the past 3 generations.”

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