The Tale of the 90’s Live-Action Video Game, ‘Mad Dog McCree’

Great Big Story meets the creators and original cast of the popular 1990 inteactive, Western-themed arcade game, Mad Dog McCree, one of the first games to include live-action elements.

“In 1990, arcades began to face tough competition from companies like Gameboy and Nintendo that were bringing the video game experience into the living room. In order to stand out in the new marketplace, arcades began creating novelty experiences to bring gamers back into the fold. One of these experiments was “Mad Dog McCree,” an interactive, Western-themed arcade game, and one of the first of its kind to bring a live-action element into the gaming world. The end result? A game so bad you can’t help but love it. Twenty-five years later, we reunited with the original actors on the New Mexico ranch where the game was first filmed.”

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