Coyote Peterson Gets Stung by an Executioner Wasp

In the latest episode of his “Breaking Trail” nature series, animal expert and adventurer Coyote Peterson intentionally experiences the extremely painful sting of executioner wasp. You can skip to the 11 minute mark for the actual sting.

“On this episode of Breaking Trail, witness the EPIC conclusion of Coyote Peterson’s climb up the insect sting pain index! What started as a simple curiosity with Harvester Ant stings has now evolved and captured the world’s attention in one man’s quest to document the most painful insect stings from around the globe. You’ve already seen some of his worst stings, from the Velvet Ant and the Tarantula Hawk to the Bullet Ant and Warrior Wasp. Now in what may be his final pain index challenge ever, Coyote takes on the much-anticipated sting of the Executioner Wasp!”

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