Accidental Comedy (20 Pics)

Accidental Comedy is such a treat. Everything is so much funnier when it’s not supposed to be, like people on Segways, the word weiner, and people racewalking. These pics don’t even need a punchline to give you a good laugh.

1. Clifford is also a Maxxinista

Via: Lateinthegame42116

2. Pick your Gary:

Via: siouxie_siouxv2

3. This would stun someone in 2020 for sure

Via: joshi122

4. This mug is now an even bigger mood.

Via: wildreaper03

5. I’m Such a Scorpio!

Via: temp-anistam

6. I’m glad we have her in our court

Via: Muhammagaming

7. Pokemon Go is trying to eliminate Kansas one resident at a time

Via: eagleheart585

8. They left out that the robot’s Mom just texted him and asked why he was still single

Via: Name94a_e526f

9.  This is better than any intentional punchline they had

Via: snodfart

10. “Are you there God? It’s me, Michael.”

Via: Abrahamsin

11. Them: Crushed Physically

Me: Crushed Emotionally

Via: carrotstick762

12. The pumpkin spice set them off and not 400 teenage boys soaked in Axe Body Spray

Via: hurts

13. God forbid your son’s pockets are filled with coins


14. (less than 30 companies but go off)

Via: Balloon_Twister

15. Someone won the genetic lottery on this one

Via: ponylobbies

16. When you forget to click “view all replies”

Via: shinde_2003

17. Eyyy you tryna get yaself a knuckle sanwich?!

Via: WarrierrPrincess

18. Wow, talk about a Tight End!

Via: PapayaSF

19. This church billboard sponsored by Men

Via: alicab12

20. This is the first time I’ve felt at peace for weeks.

Via: Buser21

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