Some Things Are Just Accidentally Funny (17 Pics)

Accidental comedy is such a gift when you catch it in the wild. It’s nature’s irony. I mean, who knows? Maybe God is actually really funny and he’s just been doing weird crowd work on Earthlings for the last millennia. God if you’re listening to this, I think you’re hilarious but your bit where my package with my new security camera got stolen wasn’t that enjoyable for the audience. 

1.  Should have given this guy a raise


3. I think this is how baby clouds are made

4. “Mom! my magazine ad finally came out today! Let’s gather ’round the table and take a gander!”

5.  You could have gone with any image on this

6. Hold my beer

7. They’re dedicated to delivering their promises

8.  His face looks like he is possessed by a muppet who knew this photo would be placed here

9. Let me play you the song of my people

10. Alright capping myself at 2 a day

11. Soccer just became way more fun

12. Did they just realize this

13. My god what did he do?!

14. Mom is about to call 911 if you don’t clear this up soon

15. This guy found his doppelgänger

16. No really, go explore! You’ll be fine!

17. My dream roller coaster

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