“Ok, WTF Am I Supposed To Do Now?” (58 Pics)

Sometimes the world throws a curveball and you’ve gotta adapt.

Just ask these people…

1. Come into this world with debt nowadays I guess.

2. Looks like I’m going to have to pull over.

3. This is a dry universe, folks!

4 Honestly, not a terrible password.

5. I’ve been stuck on these stairs for years!!

6. I can get down with that.

7. Not going to be good for my asthma.

8. Well, things just got interesting…

9. Looks like we have ourselves a standoff.

10. Really messing with my inner rockstar.

11. Just reminding anyone who may have forgotten.

12.  This seems to be the end, friends.

13. They’re so indecisive at this establishment.

14. Why not? Live a little!

15. Stuck in quite the predicament.