Non-Americans Are Sharing Dumbest Things Americans Have Said to Them

Americans, we’re definitely a different breed. This year has especially unveiled how different the country’s citizens are from the rest of the world. Just take a look at the anti-mask movement that’s causing the country to have the highest death rate in the world. America leads in COVID-19 deaths Brazil — which also has a leader espousing anti-mask rhetoric — by more than 100,000.

So, yeah. Americans. We’re different.

Over on TikTok, non-Americans are bonding together to share the dumbest things Americans have said to them.

The meme started with user @voidable_, who is Australian and shared that one American told him the United States has 40 states. That’s not it. Not even close to it.

The original post received more than 400K views, 43.1K likes and got a lot of people coming out of the woodwork to roast Americans.


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In the original post’s comments, people shared their own experiences with Americans.

And these experiences are very concerning.


Other TikTok users created their own videos.

@goldf1nger had someone ask if it’s true the UK doesn’t celebrate Christmas.


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While user @th3mxtrixz said one person believed the capital of Paris was Italy. You know, a separate country.


#duet with @voidable_ no words.

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Eva-Marie, who is Irish and living in San Francisco, said many Americans have told her their country doesn’t have an accent. Well, that’s not correct!


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Possibly the wildest comment comes from TikTok user gabby_thomps, who had someone ask “How can you be from England if you’re not white?”


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Mean Girls is a documentary.

When one person asked mrknolanb where he’s from and he said “the Philippines” they said “Oh, so you’re near Brazil.”



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Fellow Americans, let’s all vow to get it together.

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