Awful Taste, But Great Execution (20 Pics)

Just because something has a bizarre concept and is hideous to look at, doesn’t necessarily mean its poor craftsmanship! Awful Taste But Great Execution is a great subreddit that shares people’s strange crafts that, whether we like them or not, they absolutely nailed.

I personally want to buy the corn stool, but that’s just me.

1. These earrings representing Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail

2. “The dragon statue in the middle of a roundabout in my city”

3. Monster Volkswagen Beetle

4. These comical anime swords that the top brasses from US Air Force awards each other with ‘The Order of the Sword’

5. This polymer clay lightswitch cover my brother made for his room

6. This condom blanket and pillow.

7. It’s not meant for safe commuting – it’s a shaggin’ wagon.

8. I wonder how much money he shelled out for it.

9. This ashtray is the cause of my nightmares

10. This chair made from football shirts is well made and hideous

11. This definitely took a ton of effort.

12. A crocheted bike for a very slippery ride.

13. Maserati Hearse for when you wanna floss even in the afterlife

14. “I thought this gift was beautiful, but somebody told me you guys might like this here so”

15. I don’t hate and I would buy it… but it’s awful

16. Just corny.

17. Mother of God, this piece of lingerie

18. Cakefish

19. The infamous Meat Dress worn by Lady Gaga to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards

20. Switchblades