Someone Hired A Mariachi Band To Troll Ted Cruz’s House After Cancun Scandal (VIDEOS)

If there are three things you think of when you think of vacationing Cancun, they are:

1. Margaritas.

2. White people getting cornrows for whatever reason.

3. Mariachi bands playing for you even when you don’t want them to.

Since Ted Cruz never really got to spend his much-needed vacation in Cancun last week (amidst, you know, a major weather crisis in his home state of Texas), it would seem some well-intentioned neighbor or friend decided to give Ted the taste of Mexico he missed.

With protesters gathering at Cruz’s house in House since last week, we’re lucky that they were able to grab so many different angles for this epic troll of a sitting US Senator.


People seemed to really enjoy it, for some reason:

See Ted, we’re all with you and totally understand why you did what you did. Enjoy the music!