Expectation Vs Reality, With A Heavy Dose Of Reality (24 Pics)

With your expectation vs reality, the reality is going to win almost every time. And by win, I mean greatly disappoint you. Most advertising should be illegal. I don’t know how many times I’ve been burned by some cool product in an Instagram ad. NOw I get targeted ads for pants with underwear sewn in. That’s what I get.

1. It’s not goth to rip people off.

2. What did you expect?

3. More like God of Snore

4. Your first mistake was going to Subway.

5. Looks like one of Gumby’s nightmares.

6. Don’t play God.

7. Funhouse?

8. New pod who dis?

9. Hormon Simpster

10. All about the angle.

11. A little effort.

12. Teaching from home.

13. Worth it.

14. Disco pants died for a reason.

15. Not chimken 🙁

16. There are 2 types of linen.

17. Curling your own hair.

18. Don’t bring your silly “standards” into an Applebee’s.

19. Before and after the asteroid.

20. And salt and lots of fluff.

21. It was supposed to be classy.

22. MogWhy?

23. Hello nips.

24. The dog is way more disappointed.